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Graphic Design

From designing packaging for entrepreneurial ventures, to designing websites like this one, I've done my fair share of Graphic Design.



Flip Patterns, Designs, and Patches

     One of Flip's selling points has always been its customizability. I've designed and drawn quite a few original patterns and designs for it now, with one "special edition" version for the 2015 NY Maker's Fair of which 30 were given out from my booth complimentarily. 


     This portfolio, as well as the website for Alabaster Goldfish and a class project, reflect my website design experience. Click on the screenshots of the those two sites on the right to check them out.

PYL Instructional Cards

     Instructional cards were included with both Flip and Duelgrounds when they were sold as products of Paper Your Life, and both involved quite a bit of original art illustrating how they were meant to be handled.

Senior Design Report Drawings

     For my Senior Design Project with Zodiac Aerospace, I did a majority of our final drawings with Microsoft Paint for Windows 8, my program of choice for these kinds of technical drawings. It's very clean and easy to handle, and I've grown used to its tools.

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