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Passionate about product design, and with a strong desire to

form my own future, I find myself drawn to the entrepreneurial world..



Alabaster Goldfish Design Firm

      A company I've attempted to start before, with previous attempts failing due to my own inexperience, I'm taking one more shot at launching a design firm with the help of an incredible mentor, and the wave of support coming off of my first pitch competition win.


      AGF's current website can be found here.

Halloween Pitch Party

     A moderately sized elevator pitch competition hosted by the University of Delaware's Horn Program in Entrepreneurship. Won with Flip, a prototype wallet design. In the aftermath of this win, I'm currently taking Flip to market, with the help of one of the judge's mentorship.

Paper Your Life

      An attempt at starting a company selling what I now consider prototypes of Flip and Duelgrounds. More information on both of these can be found on the Papercrafting page. PYL was started with my first partner company, Real Guys Productions, that I met from my booth at a tech showcase at the University of Delaware.


     Failed due to poor communication from my partners, and an unfortunate lack of market research.

Intro to Entrepreneurship

      An amazing class taken with Professor Mona Parikh, where students took real steps towards launching startup concepts. WeBuy App, an app meant to make shopping in bulk a social venture, ended up as a failed concept after market research showed a lack of interest. 

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