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Paper Prototypes

Paper is a surprising versatile and practical prototyping material.  My passion for origami inspires my engineering design.



Flip Wallet

     Winner of my university's 2015 Halloween Pitch Party, Flip is a wallet designed to deliver your cards and cash, not just to store them. Unique origami-inspired pockets make it easy to get to each and every one of your cards. 

     More information on Flip can be found here.

Flip's Iterations

     Flip is one of my oldest designs, and as such has the most iterations too. Progressively, it's become thinner, stronger, and prettier over the last 5+ years, with 4 major revisions and a few off-the-wall experiments. 

Laptop Stand and Desk Organizer

     A solution to a lack of desk space when dual-screening with my laptop, this unnamed prototype is actually the end result of its own series of prototypes lost to the years. Featuring a bunch of storage and port access, it turns a laptop into a second portrait screen, acting as a natural extension to a monitor. 

Duelgrounds TCG Playing Mat

     A deckbox and a mat, Duelgrounds have been extremely popular in the Yugioh community. A lot of interest has been generated, and a few sold. Still incomplete, I hope to launch a finalized version of these combination deckbox and mats if Flip sees a successful launch. 


More information can be found here.

3DS Cases

     3DS cases with integraded 3D printed parts. Each of the two prototypes were designed and made to make a particular game more comfortable to play - one has a grip on the underside meant to give the system a more comfortable grip, the other included pull-out cards with information about the game. 

Desk Organizer + Coin Bank

     A simple extension of a pencil case. These pictures reflect an initial prototype in use for 6 years- I haven't made a second version. While I do hope to eventually continue this train of thought, I have yet to find the time to do so. The sloped card holders act as a ramp for coins to fall into a lower storage level in the base of the organizer.

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