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Computer Aided Design

I've become deeply familiar with Solid Works from both my education as a Mechanical Engineer and casual projects.



3DS Case Grip

     A grip designed for a 3DS case paper prototype. This was 3D printed and spray painted with automotive rubber paint. 

     My first experience modeling natural, freeform curves. The bars on the underside act as an interface between the part and paper - strips of paper were wrapped around them, providing a strong point of connection between the two materials.

A Chess Set

     A casual CAD project designing a chess set for Marbles: The Brain Store's Make Your Move Chess set design competition. Didn't win, but learned a lot of new techniques for modeling circular patterns and splines. Gained more experience with using photorealistic rendering as well.

Air Turbine Research

     Research done as a student, looking into adding to a project that used a Hiller-Bell Mechanism (the system that allows helicopters to turn) to rotate air turbines towards the wind. CAD was used to sketch ideas for improvements before they were implemented.

Mousebot Chassis

     Mousebot chassis designed to be 3D printed, by request of my University's Robotics Club, and my first experience modeling around existing components.


     Unfortunately, these were never printed, as the club eventually forgoed entering the competition at all. 

University Capstones

     Capstone projects from my education at the University of Delaware. Except for Freshman Design, each project made use of CAD in some way: the prosthetic writing hand modeled for Sophomore Design was my first CAD model. My Junior Design project was a backpack attachment that a skateboard or longboard could easily be stored in when not in use, and my Senior Design project designed siding on Zodiac Aerospace's EMAS beds.

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