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and I love paper!

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I always have, and it stems from a fascination with making incredible things from simple, unassuming materials.
It's that fascination that drove me to spend high school mentoring robotics programs, iterating mechanical business card designsand pursuing a BS in Mechanical Engineering with a minor in Materials Science.
Since October 2015, I've done well in some pitch competitions, 
leading to the launch of a startup and Kickstarter around a wallet, and some major career pivoting from the normal mechanical engineering route I had planned to take.
Having been bitten by the startup bug, I've worked as a Mechanical Engineer at New Ascent Inc, an aerospace startup hoping to redefine the CubeSat launch industry with a launcher whose first stage is ground-based infrastructure. I currently work at Bridge Brothers Inc. as a detailing manager, defining drafting standards and developing automations throughout the company, to reduce miscommunication and speed information between our new shop and engineering department.
I've recently had more of my free time taken by Shoubu, a card game I've created and licensed to a publisher, for which I remain the primary developer. I spend a bit of time enjoying games and movies, and improvising on piano too. 
Colored words above scroll to sections about my:

8 months at an aerospace startup,
developing materials and ranking them in cheap, practical ways.

New Ascent is an aerospace startup aiming to offer cheaper, more convenient orbital launch for CubeSats, or other smaller satellites, by using a ground-based infrastructure as our launcher's first stage.
Time has been primarily spent conceptualizing and validating concepts for micromaterials with testing apparatus designed in SolidWorks and 3D printed in our office, and rigged with an Arduino for data collection. Yeah, one Arduino - I moved it between stations to test different properties! Other tasks included planning path forward higher fidelity testing with Cornell, NASA Wallops, and the University of Maryland, redesigning NewAscent.Space, designing and modeling launcher concepts, and of course, moving furniture. Currently awaiting further funding.
Unfortunately, New Ascent is currently in hibernation as funding ran dry.

Detailing infrastructure, developing tools,

and defining drafting standards.

As Bridge Brothers Inc. grows, opens a new Fabrication shop, and lands on 2019's Inc. 5000 list, communication between a fledgling team of fabricators and our small, smartup-speed engineering team (now 3) becomes increasingly important. Besides coding tools for parts nesting and researching ERP & management software to implement, I automate modeling, and detail fabrication and non-structural details on everything from bridges to gazebos. 

Shown below are only projects that I've modeled independently. On the right is a picture from the site.

Annotation 2019-07-21 115645.png
Annotation 2020-01-23 005330.png
Annotation 2020-01-23 004736.png
Annotation 2020-01-23 005830.png

A quick aside on high school robotics,

also known as the Glory Days.

Back before paying taxes and bills, when robotics was all I had to think about.


Learning Keyshot Blender in n days, 

where n are days in the weekends before my next interview (involving keyshot). 

~1 hour a day, tiger head modeled in 4 hours.
switching to Blender as I can't afford Keyshot, and need better rendering for upcoming freelance work

I graduated from the University of Delaware, 

with a Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering, and a Minor in Materials Science.

A degree pursued with a normal engineering path in mind, while hoping to also find traction in product design. An invaluable experience nonetheless, and the technical foundation that allows me to see the world through the lens of its design.

I've prototyped a few things, a lot of times -

iteration is a habit born through countless ideas.

When I need a product that doesn't exist, I prototype it again, and again, and again -

I have a hard time letting a concept die once I've taken a liking to it. I also happen to do most of this prototyping in paper - my experience with origami has left me both familiar and fascinated with it.

A business card as animated as I am.

Mouseover it below to see it move, click for info on its design.

I can program when I need to.

     I'm experienced with Python, Excel VBA, and using an Arduino, and have managed to gain a practical understanding of I2C and wireless communication. If coding is required of me, or if a prototype simply requires it, I'm able to pull something off.


    That being said, I do of course prefer at all times to be working on and with mechanical systems. But I know life isn't always what we want - I just hope to be considered as somebody that can handle finite coding projects, but not final product development or support.


    The code below features a somewhat inefficient program that runs a monte-carlo simulation to determine the success rate of a Yu-Gi-Oh! deck able to win on its first turn with a distressingly long combo by checking for hard-coded scenarios.

Pencil Cup + Business Cards + Storage

A desk organizer with 2 prototypes, that keeps my business cards, office supplies,

important papers and trinkets well stored.

Paper Composite Laptop Stand

Layers of machine cut paper stacked and painted with Modge Podge, and clamped together to form planks, then slotted into each other to hold my laptop in portraid mode.


I dream of opening a design firm,

with a nonsensical name.

Alabaster Goldfish is a brand that encompasses any unique designs I believe have the potential to be a successful product - I hope to one day officially open its doors, with the overarching goal of reducing the difficulty of launching a hardware startup.

I'm currently developing a board game,

a card game with disruptive mechanics.

It has has been picked up by a publisher, and we're currently working towards a Late 2021 launch (and I drew this logo myself)!


I've won some pitch competitions

that drove me to re-evaluate how I wanted to be an engineer.

This has lead to some major pivoting over the last year - and I couldn't be happier with my choices, as I continue to find success and fulfillment pursuing product design.

Winner of Halloween Pitch Party
October, 2015
Third Place in Hen Hatch's Alumni Track
April, 2016
Startup Weekend Delaware
Winning Team Member
November, 2016
Click here for our winning concept's landing page!

All work and no play, 

makes for a dull portfolio - and I'm not gonna put you through that!

Here are my favorite movies and games, some piano transcriptions and improvisation I'm semi-proud of, and Origami I've folded. Have a look, get to know what I do for kicks.

Thanks for scrolling through this portfolio! 

I play a lot of piano - here are some of my transcriptions and improv.

You can also check out my super-casual youtube channel here, where I share stuff once in a blue moon.

Unicorn - Transcription (Original by Sawano Hiroyuki)
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Alien Manifestation - Transcription (Original from Nier Automata)
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Proof of a Hero (Monster Hunter) - Transcription (Original by Masato Kouda and Tetsuya Shibata)
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Origami I folded:

Media I've really enjoyed: 

Contact Me

Questions or comments are welcome!

I'm sure this portfolio isn't perfect, let me know what could be better.

By education, I'm a Mechanical Engineer. By experience and choice, I hope to be a product designer. In very few ways am I an expert with websites or graphics.

But maybe one day, I will be. Let me know what you think about this site, so I can get a bit better!

Alrighty, I'll get back to you soon!

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