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All work and no play makes my portfolio a lot less interesting!

Below you'll find what I do when I'm not thinking about the future.



Piano Improvising

     I play piano for a bit almost every day. I took lessons as a child, and hated them. Funny thing is, once I didn't have to play anymore, I wanted to more than ever. I mostly spend my time improvising and transcribing songs that are stuck in my head, both original and not. I have a casual youtube channel that I update once in a blue moon, but it's nothing too impressive.

The Seed and the Sower - Transcription
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Sugar Song to Bitter Step - Transcription
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Spice - Transcription
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Disney's Frozen - Medley - Transcriptions
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Spring's Awakening - Transcription
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Flyers - Transcription
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Dueling (Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG)

     I play a lot of the YuGiOh! Trading Card Game, and I love it. It's a fantastic hobby that, at this point, has become more about the friends I've met along the way than the cards themselves. I consider myself rather lucky to be slightly competitive as well, performing in at least the top 10% of most large events I play in.

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