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Music Production

Playing Piano, Composing for Orchestra,
and writing a world for it to live in.

I started playing piano from a young age, and absolutely hated it - it wasn't until I began playing and composing covers of anime and video game music that I began to find a reason to play on my own. After stopping lessons completely, I've continued to play for myself, and eventually released an amateurish piano solo album, Lights Beyond the Water's Edge!

LBTWE also represented a lore I'd developed over time - each track is named for a scene in my own imagination of an original story, with art and character designs by Mark Reid, a friend I paid and worked with to develop Tril and Clef into full characters! Meet them in the short story below, for which the first track, Opus, was composed to match.

I'm currently working on a sequel album composed for full orchestra, as I learn my way around digital music production. Here's a peak at the current state of one track from it!

Prologue - A Journey Through Arid Winds
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More of my music:

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