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Engineering & Prototyping

Confirming Interior Design Viability,
for high-end clients and custom homes.

As Heritage Metalwork's design engineer, I take the sensibilities of its owner, Matt White, and apply them to our clients' visions, creating 3D models and drawings that help the Heritage Metalworks team of craftsmen and blacksmiths bring those visions to life. 

From time to time, we receive projects whose scale or function also requires some engineering - while I don't have a license, and the company doesn't have the ability to take any liability for calculations, I've done simple Finite Element Analysis reports to confirm design viability, and have worked with licensed engineers to approve structural designs. 

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8 months at an aerospace startup,
developing materials and ranking them in cheap, practical ways.

New Ascent is an aerospace startup aiming to offer cheaper, more convenient orbital launch for CubeSats, or other smaller satellites, by using a ground-based infrastructure as our launcher's first stage.  

Time was primarily spent conceptualizing and validating concepts for micromaterials with testing apparatus designed in SolidWorks and 3D printed in our office, and rigged with an Arduino for data collection. 

Other tasks included planning path forward higher fidelity testing with Cornell, NASA Wallops, and the University of Maryland, redesigning NewAscent.Space, designing and modeling launcher concepts, and of course, moving furniture. 

Unfortunately, New Ascent is currently in hibernation as funding ran dry.

Detailing infrastructure, developing tools,
and defining drafting standards.

As Bridge Brothers Inc. grows, opens a new Fabrication shop, and lands on 2019's Inc. 5000 list, communication between a fledgling team of fabricators and our small, smartup-speed engineering team (now 3) becomes increasingly important. Besides coding tools for parts nesting and researching ERP & management software to implement, I automate modeling, and detail fabrication and non-structural details on everything from bridges to gazebos. 

Shown below are only projects that I've modeled independently. On the right is a picture from the site.

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