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Board & Card Game Design

Pursuing a dream of a TCG,
and becoming a board game designer on the way.


Growing up playing Yugioh, I dreamt of creating my own cards - and as I played around with design concepts, and learned to understand its balancing and depth, I began designing my own game. After many years spinning my wheels, I met Mark Reid, a local artist, and we began making Shoubu!


Meeting Brother Ming Games,
and turning a dream into a product.

As Shoubu developed, I started to pitch it at conventions - and at my first board game convention, I met an interested designer, who was looking for an original design to publish!

Over the course of 2 years, Shoubu became Re;Act, a board game that retained plenty of the fast-paced gameplay Shoubu pulled from Yugioh, and I did all I could to maintain a card pool and ruleset that emphasized creative expression, while learning about the difference between a passion project, and a marketable one.


In December 2022, after an endless number of conventions, redesigns, hopes, dreams, and epiphanies, Re;Act finally launched its 30 day Kickstarter Campaign and found an overwhelming $195,000 in support!

Screenshot 2023-03-05 202608.png

At the moment, we're developing additional content to fulfill our stretch goals, running tournaments to grow and support the community, and preparing for our production run (although much of this is my publisher's work - I'm mostly hands off from here on out!)

Returning to my roots,
and seeing what I've learned.

Re;Act developed so far from Shoubu that it became a completely new game. Now that its major development cycle is over, I'm working on Shoubu again, as Kyoukai! With my experience from Re;Act, I hope to build a game all my own, that more closely resembles my original vision.

Slime Test.png

Reverse Engineering Queen's Blood,
and turning a minigame into paper.

I love Final Fantasy 7: Rebirth, and its in-world card game, Queen's Blood, just as much. As a TCG locked within a video game with only AI opponents but a surprising amount of depth and scale, I couldn't help but reproduce the game 1:1 to see how it held up in PVP - and boy does it! Click here for the page where I keep the project updated.

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